Climate and Society: Transforming the Future


This bold and important new book presents current and emerging thinking on the social dimensions of climate change. Using clear language and powerful examples, it introduces key concepts and frameworks for understanding the multifaceted connections between climate and society.

Robin Leichenko and Karen O’Brien frame climate change as a social issue that calls for integrative approaches to research, policy, and action. They explore dominant and relevant discourses on the social drivers and impacts of climate change, highlighting the important roles that worldviews and beliefs play in shaping responses to climate challenges. Situating climate change within the context of a rapidly changing world, the book demonstrates how dynamic political, economic, and environmental contexts amplify risks yet also present opportunities for transformative responses.

Aimed at undergraduate students and others concerned with a critical challenge of our time, this informative and engaging book empowers readers with a range of possibilities for equitable and sustainable transformations in a changing climate.

ISBN: 978-0-745-68438-3
June 2019
248 Pages

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Table of Contents

  • Chapter 1. The Social Challenge of Climate Change

  • Chapter 2. Scientific Evidence of Climate Change

  • Chapter 3. Climate Change Discourses

  • Chapter 4. Worldviews, Beliefs and Emotions

  • Chapter 5. The Social Drivers of Greenhouse Gas Emissions

  • Chapter 6. A World of Energy

  • Chapter 7. Climate Change Impacts

  • Chapter 8. Vulnerability and Human Security

  • Chapter 9. Adapting to a Changing Climate

  • Chapter 10. Transforming the Future

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